SeaDoo Spark 2020

From: 5799
Model: Spark Year: 2020

The most fun and accessible watercraft you can buy today. Sea-Doo SPARK exists in a class of its own – the most affordable, fuel efficient and easiest to own watercraft on the market. Its compact, lightweight design – the lightest in the industry – makes it playful to ride and easy to manoeuver, while also being easy to tow and fit in most garages. Choose from five attention-grabbing colors and numerous customization options.


 Available as either 2 or 3 (Trixx only) rider capacity 

  • Intelligent brake and reverse (iBR)
  • Intelligent throttle control (iTC) with off throttle assisted steering (OTAS)
  • Closed Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
  • Light weight, high strength Polytec material
  • Handlebar palm rest

2-UP 60 H.P.         £5799.00

2-UP 90 H.P. iBR   £7399.00

2-UP Trixx iBR      £8099.00

3-UP Trixx iBR     £8699.00

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